tempus.ruhr takes the viewer on a dynamic journey through the night of the ruhr metropololis. The combination of timelapse and 360° video creates new perspectives on familiar sites of infrastructure, traffic, industry, daily routine, and art. The "film" portraits Europe's biggest city region in an unconventional way and tries to connect past and present of the European Capital of Culture 2010 into an immersive, audiovisual experience. 

- fulldome planetarium show, 2010

- concept, camera, editing: Rocco Helmchen

- music (5.1 surround sound), sound design

International Immersive Film Festival, Espinho, Portugal, 2011
FulldomeUK, Thinktank Planetarium Birmingham, UK, 2011
FulldomeUK, Plymouth Immersive Vision Theatre, 2010
Fulldome Festival Jena, 2010
ADP Tagung Bochum, 2010
EXTRASCHICHT, Planetarium Bochum, 2010
since October 2010 part of the regular program of the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum
Next dates: 
15.04.2011 19:30 Uhr
30.04.2011 19:30 Uhr
shown at Zeiss Planetarium Bochum, including starry skies and an exclusive part written and read by Jochen Malmsheimer

further information and tickets here: Planetarium Bochum

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