Lifelines describes the evolution from the smallest to the largest possible natural creation. The composition begins with an acoustic cell division, channels its way through the elements and enters man-made life lines like traffic and electronic data transfer, just to end up in outer space, facing the largest seizable frame on life and evolution.  

Evolution of A Thought:

Evolution Of A Though bears the more scientific and technical side of the project. To emphasize the importance of the fundamental idea in an innovative or scientific progress, every sound you hear (except for some signals from Lifelines fed into effect chains) was made by processing the tiny audio sample the composition kicks off with. 

combined tracks (stereo version):

This track features both compositions in a stereo mix. To enjoy the full experience you can download the original 5.1 surround mix (ac3-file).

It combines both evolution of life and evolution of science to demonstrate their dependency and interaction in space, dynamic and progression. 


- art installation project, 5.1 surround sound, 2011

- cooperation with producer Johannes Brunn

- concept, development, production (Evolution Of A Thought): Johannes Brunn

- concept, development, production (Lifelines)